Monday, June 4, 2012

Clear Cupcake Favor Boxes

Cupcake become a wedding favor today, there are so many brides make this mini cakes a gift for their guests. But they need a packaging, the favorite one for this is clear cupcake favor boxes.

Basically, clear cupcake favor boxes is a same thing with clear cupcake boxes. There are two kind of material that suppliers use to make this stuff.
Number one is PVC rigid, this is an elastic but strong clear plastic that you can bend with die cut process. You can make a custom clear cupcake favor boxes with this material.  The other is hard plastic from factory. That you can buy as what you see is what you get, you can't custom it. But you can still can decorate exterior with ribbon or other and also print it with screen printing method.

Cake is a fantastic favor for all occasion, as Garnett Nelson said in his article at ezine :

No occasion is complete without a cake, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, baptismal, graduation, house and office warming. Cakes do come in pretty cake boxes that make them easier to carry and transport.

There are many different kinds of cake boxes but most of them are made out of sturdy cardboard. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and designs. For occasions like a debut or a wedding, more often than not, invited guests are given presents that they can take home like a pretty box with a cake inside. Some can take a slice of the wedding or debutante's cake and put it in a slice box.

Cakes all packed in pretty cake boxes make a fantastic party favors. Depending on the occasion that's being celebrated, you can order personalized boxes in the color and design that suits your taste or that will match your party theme. You can put the date of the occasion as well as have the recipient's name printed on it.
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But today favorite cake is cupcake. Because this is a piece likes miniature of giant cake that you can put into your pocket. With decorative cupcake you need clear cupcake favor boxes, so you can show up the cute cupcake inside without a paper wall.

Clear cupcake favor boxes is easy to find today, you can contact dus cupcake, they are Indonesian cupcake boxes main wholesaler. Or find it at amazon, ebay and other online shop worldwide.

You need clear cupcake favor boxes because this boxes able to show the cupcake decoration without any wall, not just like a standard boxes with paper, this clear cupcake favor boxes is transparent. You can see it thought.